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Welcome to read asiamedia the terms of service protocol (hereinafter referred to as "agreement"). The terms and conditions of this agreement applicable to you use asiamedia Provide the between firms (B-TO-B) electronics market in the trade and communication tools and services (hereinafter referred TO as "service"). 
1. Accept terms.
In any way to enter asiamedia Web site that say that you agree to his already with asiamedia The agreement, and you will be the terms and conditions of this agreement (" terms ") constraint。 asiamedia May at any time to full decided to change the "terms". Such as "terms" have any change, asiamedia Will be published on its web site announcement, notice to you. If you do not agree with related change, must stop using "service". The revised "terms" once in asiamedia After the release of the website, automatic effective immediately. You should be in for the first time on carefully read the revised after the "terms", and has the right to choose stop using the "service"; Once you continue to use "service", it means you have accepted the revised "terms", when you and asiamedia Disputes, should be with the latest service agreement shall prevail. Unless otherwise expressly disclaims outside, any make "service" expanded or functions strengthened new content is binding himself to this agreement. Unless the asiamedia Authorized by top management of a written agreement, this agreement shall not be amended to make.
2. Who can make the asiamedia website? 
"Service" is only for according to the relevant laws to conclude a binding agreement personal or company use. Therefore, you must be in the age of 18 or above, just can use our service. If do not accord with the condition, do not use "service”。 asiamedia May at any time to any person who has the authority to refuse to provide "service". "Service" won't provide to be temporarily or permanently suspend qualification asiamedia members。 
3. Char。
The company reserves in according to article 1 inform you, collect the "service" the rights of the cost. You for transactions, to the company for the paid service or contact the company server and all that happened in taxes payable, and related hardware, software, communication, network services and other aspects of the charges shall be borne by you. The company reserves in need not issuing a written notice, the only asiamedia Public website, temporary or permanent to change or stop some or all of the rights of "service"。
4. asiamedia Web only as trading location。 
The company's web site as a user only looking for transaction object, it is the goods and services trade negotiations, and getting all kinds of trade and the related service site. But, our company can't control exchange involves the quality and safety of the items or legitimacy, trade the authenticity of information or accuracy, and trade party to perform its in trade agreement the obligation of the ability. Our company can't also won't control the transacting parties to perform this agreement can obligations. In addition, you should pay attention to, and foreign national, juvenile or with fraud means the act the risk of trade is objective existence. 
5. Your material and for the buying and selling of goods. 
"Your material" including your registration, trading or listed in article process, in any public information occasions or through any E-mail form, to the company or other users with any information, including data, text, software, music, noise, photos, pictures, images, words, or other materials. You deal with "your material" take full responsibility, but this only as your company in online publishing and published "your material" passive channels. But, if we think "your material" may enable the company to bear any legal or moral responsibility, or may make this company (all or part of the) lose the company's Internet service provider or other supplier service, or you do not in the asiamedia Within the prescribed period of time login or to return to your web site, then the company may itself solely decided to "your material" to take the company considers necessary or appropriate any action, including but not limited to delete the material. You hereby warrant that you to submit to asiamedia "Your material" has all the rights, including all copyright. Are you sure you, asiamedia No responsibility to identity or submit to the company decided to you what is the information that must be protected, to enjoy "service" other users use "your material", our company also don't have to be responsible. 
5.1Registered obligations。 
If you in asiamedia Registered web site, you agree to:
(a) Root according to asiamedia Website printing member material form of requirements and provide about you or your company's true, accurate, complete and reflect the current situation of the material;
(b) To maintain and promptly update material, to keep it true, accurate, complete and reflects the current situation. If you provide any untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or does not reflect the current situation of the material, or asiamedia Has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or does not reflect the current situation, asiamedia Has the right to suspend or terminate your registration identity and material, and refuse to you in the present or the future "service" (or any part of the) use in any form. If you represent a company or other legal subject in the company registration, then you notice and guarantee, you have the right to make the company or other legal subject by this agreement "terms" constraint. 
5.2 Member name, password and security。 
In the registration process, you will choose the member name and password. You are entirely responsible for your member name and password confidential, and must be on your member name and password in all activities that occur under the responsibility. You agree to:
(a) If found any person without authorization to use your member name or password, or violation of confidentiality provisions of any other condition, you will immediately notice asiamedia ;
(b) Make sure you in every Internet at the end of the period, the right step to leave the site. asiamedia Cannot and will not due to your failure to comply with the provisions of this paragraph shall happen any loss or damage of the responsibility。 
5.3 About your material rules。
You agree, "your material" and for you in asiamedia Web site of any trade "items" (" refers to the deal, all in accordance with the visible or invisible, in various form exists some kind of specific items, or some kind of rights or interests, or a note or securities, or a service or behavior. In this agreement "items" is a word to all include the righteousness) 
a. There won't be fraudulent ingredients, and selling fake or stolen things; 
b.Does not infringe any third party for this item enjoy of property rights, or copyright, patent, trademark, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights, or privacy, reputation; 
c. Won't break any laws, regulations, rules or regulations (including but not limited to export management, on regulating trade quotas, protect consumers, unfair competition or false advertising laws, regulations, rules or regulations);
d. Not contain defamation (including commercial defamation), illegal threats or illegal harassment of content;
e.Not contain obscene, or contain any child pornography content; 
f. Not contain deliberately destroyed, malicious interference, the secret to intercept or encroach on any system, data or personal information of any virus and camouflage damage procedures, computer worm, regular program bomb or other computer programs;
g. Not directly or indirectly with the following the goods or service connection, or contains the following the goods or services to the description:
(i)Under the agreement of the banned goods or services; or 
(ii) You shall not be entitled to connection or contain goods or services。
In addition, you agree not to:
(h) And in any large chain letters, he mail E-mail, spam E-mail or any copy or redundant information aspects related to use "service";
(i) Without other people agree, use "service" collect other people E-mail address and other material; 
(j) Use "service" made false E-mail address, or other forms in trying to send one's identity or sources of information on other people mislead.
5.4 Be prohibited items。 
You may not in our company website or through the company's web site business:
(a) May enable the company to break any laws, regulations, rules or regulations of any items; or 
(b) asiamedia Think should be banned or is not suitable for sale through this website any item.
6. The company permission granted you use。 
Granted the company exclusive you, universal, and permanent, the free license to use rights (at multiple levels and shall have the right to the rights to authorized), make the company shall be entitled (all or part) use, copy, amended, and rewrite, publish, distribute, execution and translation, show "your material" or to produce the derivative work, and/or to now known or any form of future development, the media or technology, will "your material" into other works inside。 
Despite under article 6 of the licensing of use, asiamedia According to this company will only be the privacy statement use "your material". The company privacy statement terms of all belongs to this part of the agreement, therefore, you must read carefully. Please note that you once voluntarily in asiamedia Trading location disclosure "of your material", the material that can be other people access and use.
8.Transaction procedures。 
8.1 Add the product description entries.
Product description is made in your offer asiamedia Web site shows the text description, pictures and/or photos, can be
(a) For you have and you wish to sell product description; or 
(b) For you are looking for the description of the product. You can asiamedia On its web site any class description, or two types released simultaneously, the condition is, you must give the product description into the correct categories in。
asiamedia No product description of the accuracy or responsible for content。 
8.2 Trading negotiations。 
Trading in the parties through asiamedia Web site offers and clearly define back on the plate, mutual consultation. All parties to accept your offer or back on the plate will make involved asiamedia Users have the obligation to complete the transaction. Except in special circumstances, such as users on your offer is put forward to change after substantial for description of goods or clarify any text input error, or you failed to prove that the agreements of a user's identity, and promised to withdraw all must not offer. 
8.3 Processing trade dispute。 
The company will not and cannot be dragged into a deal of the parties to the transaction. If you and one or more than one user, or with you through this company web site for its third party service provider of service of dispute, you be asiamedia (and the company's agent and employee) because of the dispute in and cause, or in any way and the relevant disputes of different kinds and nature of the any (the actual and consequential) claims and demands and damage compensation, and other aspects of the responsibility. 
8.4 Use common sense。 
Our company can't also don't try to other users through the "services" provided information to control them. The essence of other users that material, may be a repugnant, harmful or inaccurate, and in some cases may have the wrong identification or with fraud way and identification. Our company hope you use the company website, careful and use common sense. 
9.Trading system.
9.1 Not manipulate deal
You agree not to use help achieve blind or fraudulent intent associates (affiliate of the customer or a third party), manipulation and another trading party commercial result of the negotiation. 
9.2 System integrity.
You agree that you may not use any device, software or routine intervention or tried to intervene asiamedia Web site or is this normal operation on the website of any deal. You may not take on any will not reasonable or not of the proportion of the load and the huge the company network structure of the action. You may not disclose to any third party and your password, or any third party and share your password, or for any unauthorized use of the purpose of your password. 
9.3 feedback。 
You may not take any possible damage to the integrity of the information feedback system of the action, such as: the second or third party member identity tags for your stay positive feedback itself; Members of the second or third party identity tags for other users leave negative feedback (feedback data bombing); Or inthe user fails to perform transactions beyond some action, leaving the negative feedback (feedback malicious impose).
9.4 Not for commercial use。 
You agree that you will not be any data for commercial use, including, but not limited to, without asiamedia Authorized by top management prior written approval in duplicate asiamedia Web site of any material and show used for commercial purposes。
10. To terminate or restrict access. 
You agree, in asiamedia Not charging you, asiamedia May itself has the authority to for any reason (including but not limited to asiamedia Think you have the violation of this agreement of the literal meaning and spirit, or you do not meet the agreement of the literal meaning and spirit way, or you in more than 90 days of time not to your account and password to log on website) terminated your "service" passwords, account (or any part of the) or you for the use of "service", and to delete and forsake you in use "service" submit "your material". You agree, in asiamedia Charging you, asiamedia Should be based on reasonable doubt and confirmed by E-mail notification of the process the termination of the service behavior。 asiamedia At the same time may itself has the authority to notice or not in a notice and stop at any time to provide "service" or any part of the. You agree, according to any of the provisions of this agreement terminate your use of "services" measures can be in no prior notice of implementation, and to acknowledge and agree, asiamedia Immediately make your account is invalid or cancel your account and in your account in all relevant information and archives, and/or forbid you to further access the file or "service". Account after the end of the, asiamedia No obligation for you keep the original account in or related to any of the information, or transmit any have not read or send information to you or the third party. In addition, you agree to, asiamedia Won't terminate your access "service" and to you or any third party any responsibility. 12, 13, 14 and 22 in various after termination of this agreement shall remain valid。 
11. What are the consequences in violation of rules? 
Without limiting other remedial measures, under the premise of the following any situation happened, our company can immediately issued a warning that suspended, suspend or terminate your permanent membership, delete your any existing product information, and your web site shows in any other material:
(i) You are in breach of this agreement;
(ii)The company can't verify or appraisal to the company you provide any material; or 
(iii) This company do you believe that the behavior may make you, our company by the company or user or the third party web site provides a service service provider has any legal responsibility. Without limiting any other remedial measures, under the premise of if found that you engage in the company's web site of fraud, asiamedia Can suspend or terminate your account。
12. "According to the status quo" service provided.
The company will do everything to make you are in use asiamedia The process of web site have fun. Unfortunately, the company can't foresee any technical problems or other difficulties. Such problems may lead to loss of data or other service interruptions. For this reason, you clearly understood and agreed with, you use the "service" shall be borne by your risk. "Service" to "according to present situation" and "press can get" provide the basis。 asiamedia Clear statement does not make any kind of all warranties, express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to about marketability, apply to a specific purpose and no copyright infringement of a guarantee. asiamedia For the following content not do that:
(i)“Service "will meet your requirements;
(ii)“Service "not break, and timely, safety, and don't bring any mistakes;
(iii) Through the use of "service" and may get results will be accurate and trustworthy;
(iv) You through the "service" and the purchase or get any product, service, material or other materials quality will meet your expectations. Through the use of "service" and download or other forms for any material is made by you the full decision, and related to the risk of shall be borne by you, for you to download any such materials and produces your computer system of any damage or loss of any data, and you will be on their own responsibility. You from asiamedia Or through or from "service" of the gain of any verbal or written opinions or material, are not produce not clearly stated in this agreement in any guarantee. 
13.Responsibility scope。 
You clearly understood and agreed with, asiamedia Not liable for the following any circumstance and happen to any damage to the bear the responsibility for compensation, including but not limited to profit, goodwill, use, data, and other aspects of the loss or other intangible loss damage compensation (whether asiamedia Whether have been told the possibility of such damages):
(i) Use or fail to use "service";
(ii) For through the or from "service" purchase or get any goods, samples, data, information or services, or through the or from "service" receiving any information or enter into any exchange of produce for the cost of the replacement goods and services;
(iii) Unauthorized access or change your transmission material or data;
(iv) Any third party to "service" statement about "service" or behavior; Or for any reason and cause and "service" about any other issues, including negligence。 
14. compensation。 
You agree, because you are in breach of this agreement or the mentioned in this part of this agreement and other documents, or because you are in breach of the law or infringes the third party rights, and to make a third party asiamedia And its subsidiaries, branch office, director, employee, agent claim (including legal fees and other professional fees), you must indemnify asiamedia And its subsidiaries, branch, directors, employees, agents, make its etc from losses. 
15. Abide by the law. 
You should abide by and you use the "service", and with your bidding, the purchase and sale of any items and provide information about the business all the relevant laws, regulations and rules and regulations. 
16. No agency relationship。 
You and asiamedia Only for independent contractors relationship. This agreement is not create any form or agent, partnership, joint venture, employment and hired or concession granted and was awarded the relationship. 
17. Advertising and financial services. 
You and the "service" or through the "service" of people looking for advertising communication or to carry out the business or participate in its promotion activities, including the goods or service payment and delivery of the goods or services, as well as with the related business any other terms and conditions, guarantee, or statement, in you and the limited to advertising happened between people. You agree, for any such business or for "service" in appear on advertising and the people happen any kind of any loss or damage, asiamedia Responsible for or without any responsibility. If you intend to through the "service" creating or participation and any company, stock prices, the investment or securities of any relevant service, or through the "service" charge or requirements and any company, stock prices, the investment or securities about any news of information, vigilance information or other material, please note, asiamedia Not just through the "service" of any such transfer the accuracy of the information, usefulness or usability, can be responsible for attaining or assume any responsibility, and not according to the data of a transaction or any investment decision is responsible for or take any liability. 
18. link。 
“Service "or any third party all can provide and other web site or resources links. Because asiamedia Do not control the website and resources, you accept and agree that, asiamedia Not on this web site or the external resources usability is responsible for, and does not recognize the web site or resources from the web site or any of the content or access to resources, propaganda, product, service or other material, and it is not its responsible or assume any responsibility. You further acknowledge and agree that any for using or trust from these websites or resources for such content, publicity, product, service or other materials and cause (or claim the cause) of any direct or indirect losses, asiamedia Shall not bear the responsibility。 
19. note。 
Unless expressly stated otherwise, any notification should be to email, asiamedia ) Email address for to the domains of the address suffixes, or (for you) sent to you in the registration process to asiamedia Provide the email address, or the party of this and other specified address. In electronic mail a twenty-four (24) hours, notice shall be deemed to have arrived, unless the sender was told that related email address is already obsolete. Or, our company can through the postage prepaid registered mail and ask the way return receipt will be notified to you in the registration process to asiamedia To provide the address. In this case, that day in FuYou three (3) days notice be deemed to have delivered。
20. Force majeure. 
Because of this company for reasonable control beyond reason, including but not limited to natural disasters, strikes or riots, material shortages or rationed, riots, act of war, government behavior, communications or other facilities fault or serious injuries, etc, to cause this company delay or failure to performance, asiamedia No you assume any responsibility。 
21. transfer。 
asiamedia Assign this agreement without the you agree。 
22. Other provisions。 
This agreement and replace you asiamedia Previously on the basis of the same items of any conclude a written or oral agreement. This agreement shall be governed by the law of the People's Republic of China shall be under the jurisdiction of the mainland. If any provision of this agreement be ruled to be invalid or unenforceable, this regulation shall be revoked and the provisions of the rest shall be executed. Clause headings are for convenience refer to and set, does not in any way the definition, the restrictions, explain or the scope of the description of the terms or limit. The company has not just you or others for a breach to take action, not that this company withdraw any after the breach of contract or similar event take action right. 
Because of this agreement or the company or its associated services cause any dispute shall be a lawsuit to the people's court, the law of the People's Republic and to the jurisdiction of the law. 


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