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Swiss fashion: the fashionable, functional design niche

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Summary:Swiss fashion: the fashionable, functional design niche

Swiss fashion: the fashionable, functional design niche

Though dwarfed by its watches and jewellery industry, fashion is among the lead products among Hong Kong’s exports to Switzerland. In 2013, Hong Kong fashion exports to Switzerland amounted to US$158 million, with clothing, travel goods and handbags the main items.

Despite their stellar purchasing power and being notoriously discerning when it comes to quality and design, the Swiss are a practical people, tending towards “functional yet fashionable” rather than ostentation. Equally, as there is little price pressure, the Swiss – especially the young – are happy to indulge their environmentally-conscious outlook and pay a premium for “green” products and those made by manufacturers with high ethical standards. In general, they are knowledgeable with regard to green labels, such as OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 or USDA Organic and Fair Trade certification.

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