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"Black Swan" is coming Seeking change and winning

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Summary:Jewelry consumption showed a steep fall in January and February this year
 Jewelry consumption showed a steep fall in January and February this year. The good news is that with the resumption of work in all walks of life in China, from the feedback of all parties, there is still a demand for purchases, especially some more rigid needs, such as weddings, gifts, anniversaries and so on.
Market research also shows that self-reward has become the most important driving force for jewelry consumption. 84.65% of female consumers said they would buy jewelry for themselves. At the same time, although male jewelry accessories are a niche market, consumer demand is also quietly rising.
Since the beginning of the era of the whole family, the live broadcast and the goods have been hot. On April 1, Luo Yonghao's e-commerce live broadcast debut was started on Douyin, and the live broadcast took three hours, bringing the final sales to 190 million and a total of 48 million viewers. At the same time, Luo Yonghao's income from fan rewards reached 3.623 million. At a time when entertainment activities are limited, the popularity of live broadcasts will inevitably cause a fundamental change in the current Internet users' consumption needs and habits.
Some jewelry companies that set out on the layout line earlier have truly felt the precautionary harvest in the face of this crisis. Later, the companies that are aware of it are more passive, and they are caught off guard by vacant stores. I believe it will promote the traditional jewelry sales channel to adapt to the diversified and novel consumption methods today.
What is the value of brand live broadcasting to customers? What connection do you want the brand to establish with customers? Louis Vuitton's first rollover can provide valuable experience for the future live broadcast of high-end jewelry products, and it is worthy of deep consideration by the industry.
In contrast, the emerging brands that have emerged through the Internet in recent years, or the traditional brands that have become popular through the use of new media platforms, are all integrating and refining the value elements of the core consumer groups, and digging deeper into the brand personality propositions that can fit the heavy consumer groups, so as to pass The creation of brand power has opened huge consumption space for enterprises.
Although the rise of online has surprised the industry, the expected economic downturn has cast a shadow over the industry's prospects. When buying high-priced products, consumers still trust offline experience and purchase more. Even online, consumers are more cautious when buying, and the quality and service requirements are higher than before, requiring more professionalism and patience to facilitate transactions.
On the other hand, consumer preferences for jewelry consumption are also changing. Gold jewelry with both "preservation" and "investment" attributes has once again become a consumer's favorite. Due to the uncertainty of the future economic situation, some consumers have greatly reduced their budgets when purchasing jewelry products. Some merchants joked that it is the transition from Guibao to Banbao. Industry insiders predict that Xiaokezhong's gold jewelry may be a breakthrough.
Last month, due to concerns about liquidity in the global market, precious metals such as gold and platinum with safe-haven properties fell along with the financial market. From the high of 1700 US dollars per ounce on March 9th, it has fallen below 1500 US dollars. The latest offer is temporarily back to USD 1600.
With the closure of diamond exchanges, factories and jewellery stores around the world, the latest Rapaport diamond quotes have dropped by an alarming 5%-9%, triggering protests from the global diamond industry. Eventually, Rapaport will suspend the announcement of the diamond price list until May.
If the prices of precious metals and diamonds continue to fall or show huge fluctuations again, consumers’ willingness to purchase jewelry products will surely weaken.

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