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2020 China Hi-tech Forum offers glimpse of the future

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Summary:2020 China Hi-tech Forum offers glimpse of the future
 The 2020 China Hi-tech Forum will be held in Shenzhen, Guangdong province from Nov 11 to 13 during this year's China Hi-tech Fair (CHTF), gathering a wide range of guests including Chinese and foreign academicians, well-known economists, as well as senior technology leaders to discuss related topics. 

A forum themed on "New era, new technology, new economy" will be carried out on Nov 11, exploring issues related to new infrastructure, information technology application innovation, the opening-up of the financial industry, as well as the high-quality development of the capital market. 

New infrastructure is the top priority for the development of the digital economy. In addition to driving investment, it can also greatly break through the time and space constraints of industry interconnections, reduce intermediate links and transaction costs, as well as play a stronger supporting role in the improvement of production efficiency and the digital transformation of the industry. 

The information technology application innovation industry mainly involves four major parts: IT infrastructure, basic software, application software, and information security. 

Information technology application innovation is a domestic strategy and also a new driving force for domestic economic development under current conditions. The development of information technology application innovation has become the key to the digital transformation of the economy and the improvement of the industrial chain. 

Another forum themed on "Emerging technology changing the world will be held on Nov 12, discussing topics like technologies in the next 10 years, AI+ application, communication technology, life sciences breakthroughs, as well as the space economy and civil space. 
Quantum information technology will be one of the focuses of information and communications technology evolution, as well as industrial upgrading. It can break through the bottleneck of classic technology in terms of increasing the processing speed, information security assurance capability, as well as measurement accuracy and sensitivity. 

In addition, the research and development of various fields related to virus detection, suppression, and treatment, as well as emerging medical platforms are bound to receive more attention in the post-COVID-19 pandemic era. 

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