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The development of "Internet + medical health", the 22nd High-tech Fair Smart Medical and Health Exh

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Summary:Internet + medical health
   On November 11-15, 2020, the 22nd High-Tech Fair will be grandly opened. Among them, the "22nd High-tech Fair Smart Medical and Health Exhibition" will be held in Hall 2 of the Convention and Exhibition Center and will be organized by UBM Creative Exhibition.
   In order to implement the "Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Medical Security System" issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, and promote the development of "Internet + medical health", and at the time of the global outbreak of the new crown epidemic, through this high-tech fair platform, the development of China's health industry It brings together as many as 60 leading companies in the medical field at home and abroad to exhibit together, comprehensively covering Internet medical treatment (online consultation, medical e-commerce, Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment), smart epidemic prevention, 5G + medical, technology + Chinese medicine, and The latest technologies, products and services of the whole industry chain of smart medical and health such as networking + medical care, medical robots, smart wear, health management, smart elderly care, rehabilitation and physical therapy.

   Up to now, leading exhibitors of smart medical hardware and solutions such as Keruikang, Wenzhi Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bettech Measurement, Health 160, Zifu Medical, and German Technology have been the first to enter the Smart Healthcare Exhibition of the High-tech Fair. At the same time, UBM Creative has carefully created a number of visit routes with themes such as smart medical health and anti-epidemic technology, which are in line with the current national medical system reform concept and the diversified development direction of medical products, technologies and services. They are medical industry experts, professors and scholars. Visitors, the industry's internal communication and development build a professional platform, and establish a high-quality window for manufacturing companies and the public to communicate face-to-face supply needs.

  At that time, you will see leading products, services, and platforms from the medical industry at the exhibition, including:

· Ruineng Medical Technology’s "Xin Xiao" product, it is the first remote, contactless heart rate monitoring device "Xin Xiao" that has obtained the first medical device license in China and the second in the world. It can perform continuous and long-term monitoring of personal heart rate. Time monitoring, through the analysis of heart rate variability, the high risk of sudden death, abnormal heart rhythm and suffocation can be found two weeks in advance, filling the gap in the medical field.

· The intelligent temperature measurement door-post robot from Kangyiheng Technology, a non-contact thermal imaging automatic temperature measurement robot developed for hospitals, office buildings, factories, campuses and community apartments; for the epidemic, it can meet the entire process of zero contact, remote deployment, Identify needs such as masks. It can screen body temperature, identify the wearing of masks and register the identity information of personnel, and realize functions such as entry and exit management, entry and exit marks, attendance check-in, reception at the front desk, and service consultation.

  ·Blue Dragonfly Sensation 7.0 developed by a subsidiary of Health 160 Ningyuan Technology Co., Ltd.: comprehensive early warning, eliminating omissions; target monitoring, focused attention; environmental monitoring, automatic evaluation; exquisite and rich, statistical analysis. Fuqing Hospital Infection Risk Monitoring System: differentiated pediatric risk identification, monitoring and early warning; timely intervention, clinical treatment; effect evaluation, statistical analysis.

· The PASESA arteriosclerosis detector developed by Zhaohe Medical Precision Instruments is based on multiple patented technologies in many countries. PASESA can evaluate the arterial stiffness and blockage of its blood vessels through AVI (central arterial stiffness) and API (upper arm vascular stiffness) In order to prevent and screen cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases derived from arteriosclerosis, such as stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, and myocardial infarction. The medical version can accurately measure the CSBP (Central Arterial Blood Pressure Index), provide doctors with more valuable cardiovascular risk assessment data, is equipped with a printer, and provides immediate and desirable written reports.

  ·Zifu medical technology will bring a new generation of Dasheng® magnetically controlled capsule endoscope system, which can easily complete a painless, non-invasive, non-intubation, and non-anaesthesia safe and comfortable stomach examination. The system consists of capsule endoscope, magnetic control equipment and image analysis software. The use of macro photography and wireless image transmission technology, through the use of magnetic control technology to accurately locate the position of the capsule, to achieve the capsule in the stomach in all angles, omni-directional, precise positioning shooting, only 10-15 minutes.

   The exhibition also gathered more medical and health companies, products and terminal platforms. The home health robot X10 of Xueban Internet Technology, a health intelligent terminal that realizes integrated health management services, has powerful functions such as health monitoring, telemedicine, intelligent medical care, family protection, entertainment and education, and intelligent dialogue; Tianpin Medical Technology UNIPIN UV disinfection robot, a first-line product for public health and epidemic prevention; health pavilion, health cabin (doctor’s workbench), multi-parameter physiological monitor (all-in-one), home TV set, electronic thermometer, electronic blood pressure monitor, and body Fat scales, human scales, kitchen scales, etc.; health inspection mirrors developed by Xin Gaodeng Technology, etc. A number of outstanding companies focusing on the fields of family medical care, clinical medical care, Internet medical care, and the construction of a large health ecological chain are all at the 22nd High-tech Fair Smart Healthcare Exhibition.

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